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Terms of Sale

The undersigned, "Customer" accessing the website hereby confirms:

The visitor is adult and is allowed to make his or her own medical decisions under the laws of the Place of Residence of Customer/Buyer.

Pharmaceutical(s) ordered from our website by Customer were prescribed by a licensed and duly qualified medical practitioner in the Place of Residence of the Customer for specific diagnosed medical condition post personal examination of doctor.

Customer has not violated any laws in Place of Residence of the Customer while being issues prescription for ordered medications.

Nobody other than customer ordered product can use the medication. Customers are not expected to completely rely on any information that is obtained from store and any of its employees and/or its affiliates in making decisions to order medications.

Contact your physician immediately if you have comes across any side effects by using medications ordered from Fortunehealthcarepharmacy.com

Customers are wholly responsible for performing regular examinations with primary physician to assure that they do not have any medical problems that would contradict condition while taking combination of medicines

Visitor also agrees and acknowledges medications that shipped from a foreign country and the customer understands that those medications have not been manufactured in the United States itself.

Customer agrees to submit certified prescription by fax or email or such provision authorizes to pharmacy from their doctor

Buyers/Visitors of the store agrees all agreements and contracts that are made between customer, Fortunehealthcarepharmacy.com and/or its affiliates that shall be deemed to have been made in the City of Chennai, India and accordingly shall be governed by the laws of India.

That Customer completely acknowledges ordered product may not be returned for refunded or exchanged.

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