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Generic Medicines

The inception of generic medicines has helped a lot of people, as they are easily available at relatively cheaper price. Generic medications are as effective as their branded counterparts. They are nothing but the versions of branded medicines. They are produced and developed in the same way as their branded counterpart are. They are manufactured under the rules and regulations laid by the Food and Drug Administration; hence, they are extremely safe and superior in quality.

The Generic section of this online pharmacy features generic medicines such for men and women. They include Proscalpin 1mg and Kwiknic 2mg, which is used for hair loss and quit smoking, respectively. These generic medicines deliver satisfactory results. They are available at some pocket-friendly price through online pharmacies. The use of generic medicines has been majorly seen in people who suffer from sexual dysfunctions, allergy, hair fall, quit smoking and weight loss.

A generic medicine is a carbon copy medicine of its branded version. They both have same active ingredient, usage instructions, route of administration, safety, precautions, side effects and even contraindications. The only difference between a generic and brand medicine is the price, wherein a generic medicine is extremely cheap than a brand medicine. That’s because a generic medicine does not undergo production, development, research, promotion, advertisement and marketing cost.

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