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Proscalpin 1mg

Proscalpin 1mg
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Manufacturer Fortune Health Care Ltd. composes Proscalpin 1 mg medicine. The generic solution is known for treating androgenic alopecia. Well-known pill is the leading drug for treating Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). This medication is available in blister pack of 10 conventional tablets.

The main active component in this pill is Finasteride. This main active component in the medicine works by blocking conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which are found to be responsible for male pattern baldness as it is very aggressive to hair follicles, further leading to deterioration and death of it.

Conventional tablets form of Finasteride composed pills are to be consumed only once in a day, with or without food. For best and effective outcomes take the pill at same time every day. 

This medication Proscalpin 1 mg on an average takes approx. 6 months to achieve noticeable and satisfying results in treatment of MPB.

Common and less serious side effects like headaches, runny nose, skin rash, dizziness, weakness, changes to sexual desire and performance may occurs. If these effects persist or get worsen, consult doctor soon.

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