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Filagra Pink 100

Brand: FortuneHealthCare.in
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Filagra Pink 100

Most popular medicine Filagra Pink 100 is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Ltd. for women to achieve orgasm and boost their sex life. Pill treats condition called Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). The medicine is available in pink diamond shaped pill that is packed in blister pack with 4 pills. Parent ingredient Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg (Generic Viagra) is well known and trusted component. This solution is combined specially for women that are suffering from lack of libido.

Consume one pill at once with plain glass of water. Take conventional tablet as whole without chewing or crushing. Make sure you take the pill in presence of complete sexual stimulation. Effectiveness of Filagra Pink 100 pill stays in body for about 4 to 6 hours.

Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg (Generic Viagra) in the pill may lead to some common and mild side effects like headache, nausea or stuffy nose. However, severe reactions may happen in rare cases of overdose or allergic reactions with ingredients in pill.

Filagra 100 Pink is the most popular of all medications. This medicine is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Ltd. for women who might reach orgasm and enhance their sex life. The medication is known for treating the condition known as Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). The medication comes in the form of a pink diamond-shaped medication that is packed in a blister pack of 4 pills. 


The main active component Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg is the same as the blue pill which is a well-known and reliable component. This medication is combined for women who are suffering from a lack of libido. Simply take one pill at a time with a glass of water for safe and long-lasting outcomes. Take a classic medicine as a whole without chewing or crushing. One must be sure to consume the medicine as a whole in presence of complete sexual arousal for best outcomes. 


The effectiveness of this innovative Filagra Pink 100 medicine stays in the body for approx. 4 to 6 hours. Sildenafil citrate 100 mg component in the medicine can lead to some the common and mild side effects including headache, nausea, or stuffy nose. However, some of the severe reactions can lead to rare cases of overdose or some allergic reactions with the ingredients of this impotence-treating medicine.


How Much Filagra 100 Pink Is Safe?

As with men, women might also experience some the need for consuming sexual enhancers. With busy schedules and difficult routines, which shall further lead a healthy life might be super difficult. Sexual dysfunction-like condition in women is a very common syndrome. Women who might have lost the ability for performing and reaching orgasm. Filagra 100 Pink is the generic alternative to female medicine. As the name suggests, the pink pills are specially designed for women who are all going through some of the female sexual dysfunction (FSD) condition. The medicine offers the best and most reliable formula to control erotic failures and enhance the overall sexual performance of women.


How To Order Filagra Pink 100

Filagra 100 Pink medicine is a generic alternative to the blue pill, which is a more well-known erectile dysfunction medication. This medication has a low price and is also known to guarantee high quality. You can order this Filagra medicine by going to our Where to Buy section.


About Filagra Pink 100 Medicine 

The medicine especially for women Filagra 100 Pink with the main active component sildenafil citrate 100 mg is well prescribed for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The manufacturer Fortune Healthcare offers this medication effective and preferred medicine for female impotence-like conditions. The flow of blood in the female reproductive organ is to enhance sensitivity. With the consumption of this impotence treating medication, sexual lovemaking session is more pleasant and completely satisfying that is well associated with conditions like vaginal dryness, issues in lovemaking session, or while attaining orgasm. This impotence treating medication shall help women to lead a happy and healthy love life.


Indications Treated With Filagra 100 Pink

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Information on Active Component

The main active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg in Filagra 100 Pink is an FDA-approved medication. This medicine can only be used after consulting a healthcare professional. Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg component is known to be the first recognized medication that is approved for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction or female arousal disorder-like condition. This medicine inhibits a specific enzyme called PDE5 for boosting the nitric oxide level in the body. This will improve blood flow to the female reproductive organ which further helps in enhancing the sensitivity and leads the vaginal tract to secrete natural oil, which is just like a substance that acts as a lubricant.


Class of Drugs – Phosphodiesterase Type-5 inhibitors (PDE5 inhibitors)

Molecular Mass – 666.70 g/mol

Duration of Effect – 6 hours

Chemical Formula – C28H38N6O11S


Mode Of Consumption For Effective Outcomes

  • The Filagra 100 Pink medicine is to be consumed orally directly as suggested by the doctor and follow the complete instructions for consumption carefully 
  • Consume the medication orally only once at least an hour before the scheduled lovemaking session for the pill for working properly in type conditions like FSD dosage
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage as it might enhance the risk of certain adverse effects 
  • Consumption of the medicine as a whole with a glass of water for proper assimilation shall help in leading the best session of making love
  • Do not alter the state of the medicine by crushing, chewing, or breaking the medicine; otherwise, the risk of adverse effects shall enhance and shall lead to severe adverse reactions. Consuming the medicine on an empty stomach shall help to reap the benefits of this impotence drug 
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, fatty foods, and grapefruit as they might all hinder the assimilation of the medicine present in the body

Filagra 100 Pink composed of Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg might lead to some side effects. These common side effects are dizziness, nausea, facial flushing, vomiting, etc. These known and noted mild effects are nothing to worry about as they are not bothersome and can quickly fade. Some of the severe side effects like prolonged erection, blood in urine, abnormal ejaculation, chest pain, hearing loss, loss of vision, and photosensitivity might occur in rare cases. These severe side effects might lead to some rare cases and might need proper medical attention as soon as possible.


Filagra Pink 100 medicine composed of Sildenafil Citrate shall help women to reach orgasm and improve their sex life. This medicine works in a similar way to male erectile dysfunction drugs and it is composed of the same ingredient as 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate. 


The composition of the medicine is known as a sexual enhancer which simply helps in alleviating female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The main active component in the medicine is a sensual, fast-acting solution that helps in overcoming conditions like female sexual dysfunction which is defined as vaginal incompatibility. 


The main active component in the medicine helps by relaxing the muscles present in the brain and also relaxing the muscles that are present near the female ovaries. or attaining some of the safer and longer-lasting effective outcomes, the Filagra 100 Pink medication is to be consumed approx. once every 24 hours. Due to its powerful combination, more of this medicine will be considered an overdose and harmful to health. Filagra Pink 100 medication is to e consumed approx. 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. This medicine is recommended to be swallowed along with water to fully benefit from its effectiveness.


This amazing super effective female version of Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg composed medicine offers women fast relief from sexual dysfunction-like conditions. Since the effectiveness of this medicine begins in just 30 minutes of oral consumption, it is highly suggested for taking this medication before the planned lovemaking session. Some of the mild side effects and reactions might be observed on consumption, which is part of the solution and it can be further turned off in a short time. Other side effects can be led due to conditions like overdose, so the dosage should be limited on consumption.


Filagra 100 Pink Contraindications

Filagra Pink 100 drug medicine composed of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg contradicts with some of the conditions like:

  • It is not safe for consumption by women with a heart attack 
  • Women who have just had a stroke 
  • In case of low blood pressure called hypotension, avoid consuming this pill 
  • If you have nitrates 
  • If you have recently had or have had a history of liver issues
  • If you have serious eye conditions 
  • Women who are allergic to any of the other ingredients of this medicine

Warnings And Precautions While Being Treated With Filagra 100 Pink

Alcohol consumption with Filagra Pink 100 can further make the medication less effective and hence the combination is not safe then recommended. Hence, avoid getting involved in actions like driving or operating machinery which shall need attention while being high on Filagra 100 Pink.


Storing Filagra 100 Pink Safely


The Filagra Pink 100 medication is composed in the form of conventional tablets which is convenient for oral consumption. These Filagra 100 Pink pills are known to be easy for storing and it is to be kept in the same blister pack away from the reach of moisture-prone areas. Hence, store the medicine at a safe distance from the reach of sunlight. Keep the medication out of reach of children and pets.


Drug Information 


The super-effective medication branded as Filagra 100 Pink is a clinically proven solution. This medicine is prescribed for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Fortune Health Care is known for composing this super effective female medication. The main active component of this drug is Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg. This active component is an FDA-approved medication that is prescribed for sexual arousal disorder. 


Most women with a condition like sexual dysfunction might have an underlying physical condition, which shall directly associate with a poor supply of blood in the female reproductive system. This pink medication can enhance the blood supply to the penile region so that women can further get rid of female sexual dysfunction disorder (FSD) like condition. 


Safety Measures With Filagra 100 Pink

Filagra Pink 100 medication is well prescribed for women who are all diagnosed with conditions like sexual dysfunctions. This medication is contraindicated for anyone who is under the age of 18. FSD medication is not recommended for oral consumption by women who might have a history of allergy to sildenafil citrate. Women who are consuming nitrates for chest pain are not recommended to take Sildenafil Citrate medications.


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